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Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

Work with powerful analytics tools like: Excel,

PowerBI, & MySQL to deliver business insights.

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Course Overview

Position yourself for a career in Data Analysis with in-demand skills in the global digital industry.

About this Course: Data analysis is one of the most sort after skills in the global text industry. The Data Analyst performs the critical task developing technological solutions to business problems.

Who's is this for: This course is for anyone that is looking for a high-pay, high-growth tech career. If you are a non-graduate, a fresh or experienced graduate in search for a program with short learning curve, then this is the program for you.

Duration and Model of Delivery: This is an internship course delivered through classroom and live online training. The course is packed with practical lessons and workshops delivered by our expert faculty members.

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Course Curriculum

Week 1: Introduction to Data Analysis & Business Intelligence (BI)

Course Content
  1. Intro to Data Analysis, Business Analytics and Business Intelligence
    1. Intro to Data Analysis
    2. The Data Framework
    3. Finding the Right Data
    4. Intro to Data Analytics and BI
    5. What is the Purpose of BI
    6. Relationship between Data Analysis and BI
    7. Common Data Analysis and BI Techniques
    8. Common Data and BI Tools
Deliverables ....

Week 2: Data Cleaning and Formulas with Excel

Course Content
  1. The Project Life Cycle
  2. Applying Data Cleaning Best Practice and Working with NULL Values
  3. Exploratory Analysis
  4. Common Excel Formulas
  5. Referencing and LOOKUPS
  6. Manipulating Data Set Using VLOOKUP
  7. Look up Values using INDEX and MATCH
  8. Aggregating Data with PIVOT Tables
  9. Communicating with Excel
  10. Create Analytics Visual (Bar Charts, Line Graphs, Histograms etc.)
Deliverables ....

Week 3: Data Visualization with Excel

Course Content
  1. Visualizing Data with Excel
    1. Data Visualization Best Practice (Good, Bad & Ugly Data Visualization)
    2. Mastering Basic Excel Chart & Graphs
      1. Excel Bar and Columns Charts
      2. Excel Histograms and Pareto Charts
      3. Excel Line Charts and Trendlines
      4. Excel Area Charts
      5. Excel Pie Charts, Donuts
    3. Excel Chart Formatting & Customization
      1. Customizing Chart Elements, Layouts & Styles
      2. Configuring Chart Formats
      3. Changing Charts Types and Adding a Secondary Axis
      4. Creating and Applying Custom Chart Template
Deliverables ....

Week 4: Relational Database Theory & Introduction to SQL

Course Content
  1. Relational Database
    1. Introduction to Database
    2. Relational Datebase Fundamentals
    3. Why SQL
    4. Comparing Database and Spreadsheets
  2. Intro to SQL
    1. Install and get to know MySQL
    2. Loading Sample Data to MySQL
    3. Practice Writing and Executing SQL Queries SELECT, FROM, WHERE, and DISTINCT SELECT.
    4. Combining Data with JOINs and UNIONs
    5. Advance JOINs and Nulls
    6. Subqueries in SQL
    7. Functions in SQL
Deliverables ....

Week 5: Business Intelligence with Microsoft PowerBI

Course Content
  1. The PowerBI Service, Tools and Technology
  2. PowerBI Desktop
  3. Getting and Transforming Data with PowerBI Desktop
  4. Data Manipulation with PowerBI
  5. Interactive Data Visualization with PowerBI
  6. Publishing and Sharing Business Information and Reports
    1. Publish Report to Web
    2. Sharing Report and Dashboards
    3. Printing, PDFs and Exporting to PowerPoint
    4. Export Data from a Visualization
Deliverables ....

Week 6: Course Review and Student Presentation

Course Content
  1. All Course Deliverables Uploaded to Jira
  2. Student Conduct Final Presentation
  3. Final Review of Course Deliverables
Deliverables ....

Our Process

Our Revolutionised Career Transformation Framework

Learn fast with Our Deep-Learning training approach. Be in the job market in 10 weeks. Transition into a highly-paid tech role with 3-6 month.

6-weeks project-led trainging

14-weeks Remote internship with ACUK agency

Build a powerful professional brand between week 7-10

22-weeks Training and remote work training program


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Student projects

Student projects image
AppointTo Mobile App

The appointment booking app was designed and developed by student for a small and medium sized businesses. Companies using the app have seen an increase of about 30% of fufilled appointment and profitability.

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ACUK Website

We created micro projects for students to design and develop Advance Careers UK website. The result has been astounding for us and the students who contributed to the success of the project.

Student projects image
GoStudy Charity

GoStudy is a new charity organisation in Nigeria seeking to educate ORPHANS and less privileged within the age of 11 – 17 years old with IT skills to prepare them for careers in business and information technology.

Upcoming Courses Dates

In response to COVID-19, all classes are now conducted online only.

March 2024 Cohort - Data Analysis
(6 Weeks Training & 6 or 14 Weeks Internship)

Date: March 12th, 2024 Online

Tuesdays: 8pm - 9:30pm GMT | Saturdays: 9am - 12pm GMT

April 2024 Batch - Data Analysis
(6 Weeks Training & 6 or 14 Weeks Internship)

Date: April 23rd, 2024

Address: Online LIVE Virtual Classes

Tuesdays: 8pm - 9:30pm GMT | Saturdays: 9am - 12pm GMT

June 2024 Batch - Data Analysis
(6 Weeks Training & 6 or 14 Weeks Internship)

Date: June 4th, 2024

Address: Online LIVE Virtual Classes

Tuesdays: 8pm - 9:30pm GMT | Saturdays: 9am - 12pm GMT

July 2024 Cohort - Data Analysis
6 Weeks Training & 14 Weeks Internship

Date: July 16th, 2024

Address: Online LIVE Virtual Classes

Tuesday 7:30pm-9:00 GMT 8:30pm-10:00 WAT

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Frequently Asked Questions

· ACUK is a career transitioning and transformation company that will help you upskill and/or change your career, We are different, we are not a training organization but rather we are a careers transformation organization

We recognize that you need more than just training and certification to secure a high-paying job. You need skills, experience, a good cv, professional profile i.e LinkedIn, you need to master interview techniques and become good at communicating at a professional level to transition into a top earner successfully. We provide training, help you get work experience, support you, showcase and demonstrate your skills, and help you secure your desired job quickly. We use a framework called CLAPPEG

CL-ARITY -Clarity about a career path A-CQUIRE -Acquire high-income earning skills fast Repeat Practice Makes Perfect (RPMP) P-RACTICE - Practical work experience on a client project P-OSITIONING – Position yourself as an expert by creating an attractive professional brand for yourself E-XCEL - Excel in your career by securing a well-paid job G-ROW – Grow to become one of the top experts in your field

No, the two important things you need is getting the skills and experience, you might have a certificate in a particular skill but not the experience (Nelson’s video) Certification is important because it plays its own role it will help authenticate who you are.

You need the skills, experience, a good cv, and the ability to answer interview questions and we will give you all at ACUK. Our program will make you 80% career ready and you will put 20% effort into getting the job We will help you position yourself in getting the job The training will equip you in getting hands-on work experience

The training is 3 days per week (2 live sessions and 1 prerecorded section) There will be a collaboration section with your team and Mentor meet up

The sessions are designed to fit in with your busy schedule and the weekdays training is in the evening, also you will get your class recording available to you for six months. The program is for short term so you will also need to make some sacrifices like changing your shift and going on unpaid holidays.

No, you won’t be writing an exam at the end of the training but you will be required to do a presentation of your class deliverables before you are given access to work on the Client’s project.

No, we don’t but we position you for job market

We used to but due to covid -19 we are all working remotely and we also discover that working remotely helps our students because they do not need to travel for training

No, you won’t be paid for the internship because it is an avenue for you to gain work experience

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4 Cardinal Points

A culture focus on most important steps of career course

Focus on Skills

We Focus more on Skills than Theory Knowledge by Applying Deep Learning Framework in teaching, coaching and mentoring

Focus on Collaboration

We focus more on Collaborative learning than Silos by encouraging Student collaboration and brainstorming sessions which accelerates learning pace and faster results.

Focus on Job

We keep our students focus of the objectives on the internship course "to secure a highly paid Jobs and not spending limited time on processing by starting the Career launch phase from week 8 of the course

Focus on Networking

We focus more on building professional Networks critical to any career success not just making friends with course mates by them to Course-specific Network groups


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In response to COVID-19, all classes are now conducted online only.